The Triathlete

Where do I begin?

My journey began back in 2009. At really low point in my life, when I felt like everything was falling apart and weighing in at 215 pounds, I decided to put on an old pair of running shoes and run. I ran as long as I could that day. I kept running, and running, and running. When I got home after the run, I realized I had ran over 10k. I thought I might be pretty good at this running thing. In December of 2009, I registered for the 2010 Ottawa Marathon. Yes, what was I thinking? I had never run a race in my life, not even a 5k. Why not run a Marathon? Well...I survived...finishing with a time of 4:44:38. The next day I said I would never run again. That turned out to be a lie. I started back running again and registered for the 2011 Toronto Marathon. I ended up finishing that marathon in 4:27:42. Still not a great time, but that didn't stop me. I'm now 50 pounds lighter and in the  spring of 2016 I ran the Cleveland Marathon in 3:19:34. Training has not been easy. Juggling a career as a teacher/performer, and a family requires extreme discipline. I train approx 12 hours a week (3 hours of swimming, 2-4 hours of spinning/cycling and 6 hours of running). It's a very fine balance, and I am ever so grateful that I have a supportive family that believes in me. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE when you put your mind to it, and persevere.

In 2012, I started training seriously as competitive runner with a running coach and running club. I have had the honor of running alongside and training with some of the best athletes out there. With only 6 years of competitive running under my belt, I'm proud to say that I have now completed 14 marathons, 15 half marathons, a 150k Grand Fondo bike race, numerous 5k and 10k races, a 237 mile relay race, a yearly 3k open swim race, 2 Ironman 70.3 distance triathlons, and a 55k ultra marathon distance Movember Challenge.

In October 2017, I ran the P'tit train du nord Marathon in St-Jerome Quebec in 3:15:26 and I qualified for the Boston Marathon 2019. Since then, I ran the Cornwall Run to End MS Marathon in 3:10:20 and I qualified for Boston 2019 again. This marathon was also an hour and thirty five minutes faster than my first marathon in 2010. In October 2018, I ran the Niagara Falls International Marathon with a finish time of 3:09:24. This is my fastest marathon to date. I placed 2nd in my age category and placed 18th out of 740 runners. It also qualified me to run the Boston Marathon in 2020

I've raced in Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Mont-Tremblant, Toronto, Hamilton, Cornwall, Sudbury, Syracuse, Vermont, Philadelphia, Albany, Maine, and Cleveland, just to name a few places.

In 2016, I decided to embark on the triathlon route as well as competitive running. In August of 2016, with no swimming or cycling experience, I competed in my first Olympic Triathlon in Cornwall, ON. In June 2017, I completed my first Ironman 70.3 in Mont-Tremblant, PQ. It was such a humbling experience. I was never a swimmer or cyclist. Running was hard enough work. It wasn't until September, 2017 that I started training in swimming and cycling with a coach. I just completed my 2nd Ironman 70.3 in Syracuse in June 2018. I will be racing my 3rd Ironman 70.3 in Maine in August 2019.

I currently train in Barrhaven with K2J Fitness and Nepean Masters Swimming.